SuperPlug’s D8 + CBG Gems & Juice

Before trying a new product – it always helps to understand what goes into making it, what you’ll get out of it, and exploring reviews from those who have used it themselves. The same sentiment goes for CBD, CBG and delta-8 goods. Especially considering the freshness of the CBG and delta 8 market, overall. 

How to Consume Delta 8 & CBG Concentrates 

While some consumers may prefer old-school methods of puff, puff, passing hemp or cannabis flower – others prefer the vigorous, and robust effects that concentrates have the ability to deliver. Of course, those who are new to the world of all-natural plant healing, may be intimidated by learning the in’s and out’s of consuming concentrates. We’re here to tell you – don’t be. In fact, delta 8 concentrates, like SuperPlug’s Gems & Juice D8 + CBG Diamonds, can be used in those same traditional consumption methods, like joints, blunts, or bowls by simply adding the viscous liquid on top of the flower, and lighting per usual for amplified effects. 

But another trend gaining traction for consumption is CBG dabs. If you already have a water bong or pipe, getting a new nail or banger to equip yourself for dabs is simple. Adding delta 8 concentrates or CBG crystals to dab pens is an easy way to take your concentrated puffs on the go. Just keep in mind of the following recommended temps to dab at for optimal activation of both cannabinoids: 

  • CBG – 390°F (200°C) to 445°F (230°C)
  • Delta 8 – 347°F (175°C) to 428°F (220°C)

Review of Gems & Juice D8 + CBG Diamonds

Last, but not least – let’s get into the actual effects a consumer just like you or me would experience while also being conscious of the fact that cannabis and hemp affect individuals differently, based on personal tolerance, metabolism, body chemistry and other physiological or mental factors. It’s important to mention brands and products can vary greatly. Regardless, it always helps to hear delta 8 concentrate reviews before trying it out yourself.

On that note – let me preface my own personal review with the fact that my cannabis routine has built a natural high tolerance of THC. While also highlighting the fact that 16+ years of consuming cannabis regularly for medical (and recreational!) effects, lends to a unique perspective that any beginner or veteran consumer can benefit from. So, without further adieu – here’s a breakdown of my experience with the SuperPlug Gems & Juice D8 + CBG Diamonds from start to finish. 

  1. Upon opening the sleek, and aesthetically pleasing packaging – you get a good sense of the quality that backs the process to extract the D8 + CBG Gems & Juice. How? If you’ve ever bought or consumed, THCa diamonds – you know the clarity that I’m talking about. If you haven’t – D8 + CBG Gems and Juice is completely translucent, and the diamonds are off-white in color, and hefty in size. Just like actual diamonds – the clearer the product, the more refined and higher quality it is. Do be careful opening the jar, especially right after opening the package. My excitement kept me from this patience, meaning the liquid-like juice was on the protective covering and could have been a messy loss, fast. You’ll want to lay the jar flat for a short period of time to let the juice product settle to the bottom of the jar. 

  2. I began by dabbing the CBG crystals and was blown away by the refreshing, clean taste that the diamond + juice combo delivered. The hit produced bountiful, white puffs of vapor that were exceptionally smooth to inhale. Of course, like any dab, be prepared to experience some coughing, especially if you’re doing a more ample amount, like I did. As a tip, be sure you have a quality dabber tool though, as the bigger diamonds can be somewhat tough to crack. 

  3. The effects from dabbing were quick to hit and left me in a trance of relaxation while also delivering a mild, yet uplifted mood, and slight motivation to tackle chores without the normal stress and anxiety of having to do so. 

  4. Adding the D8 + CBG Gems and Juice to a dabber pen was by far my favorite way to consume. The product has just the right consistency to add to the pen with ease and burns for an extended period of time. Its quick, clean hits elevated my moods throughout the day without having to break, and set-up the dab rig for use. 

  5. Lastly, the most profound experience with the D8 + CBG Gems and Juice product was adding it to that normal cannabis routine, previously mentioned. I found the effects to be even more euphoric, when consuming right after a joint – and even more so, after consuming  a THC edible. For those seeking more dynamic effects from a wide range of goods – the D8 + CBG Gems and Juice is now high on my list of recommendations. 

All in all, you’re treated to a high-quality product, backed by distinct effects when choosing SuperPlug’s D8 + CBG Gems and Juice. So, if you’re seeking out the best delta 8 concentrates for sale, look no further than the extensive collection of premium products at SuperPlug where you can taste and feel the love for optimal wellness through elevated experiences, from the first purchase, to your final hit of CBG dabs and delta 8 concentrate.

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