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SuperPlug 1g Delta-8 Infused Caviar Pre-roll – Bubba Kush

Our SuperPlug 1g Delta 8 Infused Caviar Pre-roll is expertly wrapped in hemp paper using our Bubba Kush strain of hemp flower. Grown and packed here in Southern Oregon, these blunts have 1 gram of flower infused with Delta 8 and an additional layer of kief on the outside to take your high to the next level.

CBD + CBG Caviar

1 gram of CBD + CBG Caviar locally sourced and made in Southern Oregon with premium cannabis derived terpenes. Contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.  Dab it, top your flower bowl, or roll it in your joint for a smooth and uplifting experience.

SuperPlug 1ML Cannabinoid Blend Cartridge

Superplug cartridges are intentionally blended with Delta 8, CBD, CBG, and CBN for a broad-spectrum effect on the endocannabinoid system. Each cartridge is infused with premium cannabis-derived terpenes sourced locally from Southern Oregon.

SuperPlug CBG Isolate – 1 gram

Isolates can be taken on their own sublingually, under the tongue, or you can mix isolates into your meal plan by easily measuring out your ideal serving.

Superplug Gems & Juice – D8+CBG Diamonds

Gems & Juice is a concentrate of Delta 8 and CBG Diamonds with versatile use and benefits to match. Coat your blunt, your flower, or your joint or add it to your banger for a smooth and tasty release.  

Δ8 Hash

A blend of Delta 8 and CBG kief. Pull wax paper quickly to leave hash in original shape and cut away portions with ease. Add on top of your flower bowl or in your joint or blunt to enhance the benefits of intaking multiple cannabinoids known as the Entourage Effect.