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25,000mg CBD Coconut Oil

Our high potency organic CBD Coconut Oil is infused with 25,000mg of CBD extract in each jar. Incorporating quality CBD into your diet has never been so easy or affordable.

Blueberry Calm Tincture

10DC's Calm Tincture can be used to decompress, relax, or even aid with sleep. The 1700mg blend of Delta 8 and CBN, as well as the soothing flavor of blueberries, work together to provide an optimal and bioavailable cannabinoid product suited to improve your daily life.

Sacred Flower CBD Topical Roll on

These 10ml bottles of CBD topical roll on pack a punch of Beautiful, Natural support. Each bottle is 100mg of all Organic CBD and filled with other Organic Essential Oils and Organic Adaptogenic herbs. Check out each of the Daytime, Tranquil, and Nightynite Roll-ons to find your best ally, but we personally recommend all three.

Sacred Flower Pet CBD Tincture

Sacred Flower Farms Pet Tincture was made to support our furry family members with a Full Spectrum 250mg dosage.

Healing Hemp Lip Balm

Healing Hemp Lip Balm is made in small handcrafted batches by BrightSide Organics with the highest quality ingredients.  Soothe your lips and eliminate dry chapped lips with this product.  For topical use only.

Superplug Phoenix Balm

The Phoenix Balms are made of CBD extract and a proprietary blend of high quality ingredients known to sooth, invigorate, and provide comfort. For topical use only.

Unflavored D8 Tincture – 1500mg

10DC’s tincture is a simple and effective way to get your daily dose of Δ8 at 1500mg in each bottle. MCT oil is used as the carrier oil.