Thinking about Delta 8 THC Capsules or Softgels? Get an insider’s review!

Thinking about Delta 8 THC Capsules or Softgels? Get an insider’s review!

As the world collectively becomes more in-tune with delta 8 THC wellness benefits, the number of interested consumers is rapidly increasing. But not every consumer is comfortable with lighting up infused hemp flower, vaping, or dabbing. Even tinctures can be off-putting to some, or inconvenient for use. That’s why delta 8 capsules are now rising quickly in popularity. So here, let’s get the real run down on unique ways to consume delta-8, including a full delta 8 capsules review.

A Refresher on Delta-8

Before we go in-depth into delta 8 capsules specifically, let’s get a quick refresher on the basics of delta-8 THC. This cannabinoid is the new talk of the town across the cannabis and hemp industry, for good reason. It’s 1 of 144 known cannabinoids that hemp and cannabis plants produce, and is undergoing the same types of research as CBD and delta-9 THC to determine its exact health and medical benefits.

In the meantime, we’ve been able to grasp delta-8’s unique benefits through anecdotal evidence and of course, real-time use, considering the 2018 Farm Bill has given the minor cannabinoid a major selling point in the fact that it’s legal nationwide. Of course, this is with some exception of the states that have implemented their own regulations or ban on this unique form of THC.

When looking at delta 8 THC vs delta 9 THC, the two chemical structures differ in just one way – the placement of a double bond. For delta 8 THC, this double bond occurs on the 8th carbon for delta 9 THC the double bond occurs on the 9th. This one variance means the cannabinoids internally interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system in different ways. The biggest difference being – the intensity, or potency of psychoactive effects.

That means, delta 8 THC consumers can benefit from the proven health benefits of THC without the overwhelming buzz or high. Next, let’s review the individual characteristics of consuming delta 8 gel capsules and the benefits of doing so.

Capsules vs Other Consumption Methods

When you think of consuming THC in general, it’s likely you think of puff, puff, passing as the most familiar form. However, with increasing desire and demand, manufacturers are now quite innovative with the types of THC products they are producing, focusing on the how to extract the benefits in ways that aren’t promoting habitual smoking patterns. From edibles, to drinks, mints to dabs, there are now more ways to consume delta 8 THC than ever before.

For medical consumers, and those adverse to traditional methods, delta 8 capsules are reigning supreme. Especially those with lung conditions that prevent them from inhaling, or those with restricted diets who can’t indulge in daily doses of edibles. Today, delta 8 THC oil is easily infused into gel capsule form and works in the same way as edibles would. Meaning, it may take 45 minutes – 1 hour to set in and feel the effects, but they’ll be long lasting as they’re metabolized by your digestive system (anywhere from 4-6 hours).

Here’s just a quick look at delta 8 THC capsule benefits, specifically –

Delta 8 THC capsule benefits –

  • No flavor or after taste
  • Mess free and unnecessary to mix into foods or drinks
  • No Smoking or inhalation by the lungs
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Convenient for on-the-go use and travel
  • No additional calorie intake
  • Optimal bioavailability

A Real-Time Delta 8 Capsules Review

Of course, knowing the background and details of delta 8 capsules is just the beginning. The next question on any consumer’s mind would be – do delta 8 gel capsules actually work? As I sit here calm, cool, and collected writing this review I can no-doubetdly say they do. To get a real-time user’s perspective on actual delta 8 capsule results, we’re giving you an insider’s look at the Delta 8 capsules 25mg dose manufactured by SuperPlug.

When first receiving my package of SuperPlug delta 8 softgels, in the thick of summer and high humid heats you could tell their quality right off the bat. Considering the mini softgels were in-tact and untouched by the temperatures whatsoever. The compact capsules were also just the right size, especially for someone like myself who switched prenatal vitamins multiple times due to their horse-sized nature. Over the last week, I’ve been dosing differently daily and here’s a breakdown of my individual experience –

Morning – To preface, I’m a legal medical marijuana consumer and frequently consume delta 9 THC for symptom relief – especially, anxiety. So I was even more intrigued by how my personal tolerance would affect the effects of delta 8 THC. To start off with a clean-slate of sorts, in the morning I began with consuming two delta 8 capsules, a total of 50 MG. Within the hour, my body felt completely relaxed as I sat down for my morning yoga/stretching routine. The motions more freely flowed, and my lower back pain that comes from sitting in a chair at a desk all day felt more soothed than mornings prior. From there, I tackled the first part of my day with mental clarity and alertness that set my day off on a high, yet not high, note. Even more important to note, was again, that calm, cool and collected nature where no anxieties (or alarming emails) could ruin the mood.

Afternoon – On another day, particularly high-stress in nature I paired my midday sativa bong hits with another delta 8 gel capsule. Rather quickly, I set off into a fury of energetic, and lively chores and cleaning without a worry in the world. As time went on, the buzz transformed into an enlightened euphoria that was full of conversation and giddiness. I actually noted that I felt more ‘ripped’ (a term I never use) than I have in a long time, to a friend via text. Which, you know, is rare if you’re a long-time or frequent cannabis consumer. 

Evening – Last but not least, another evening I indulged in two of the delta 8 capsules after a long day at an outdoor festival where I did more walking than I normally do in an entire week. Not long after settling back in at home, did I feel a soothing calmness take over my body and mind. In addition to feeling relief physically I felt completely mentally relaxed, as well. I can honestly say kicking back with my feet up on the couch had never felt more natural or comforting.

All in all, it’s easy to see why so many consumers are turning to the unique benefits that delta 8 capsules can provide. The capsules were easy to throw in my purse, and take on the go, while effective at targeting symptoms and stresses so many consumers face day in, and day out.

Supplementing Wellness Routines with Delta 8 Capsules

Now that you understand more about the benefits of consuming delta 8 capsules 25 mg doses…you can see why delta 8 capsules for sale are growing exponentially. The compact yet powerful delta 8 gel capsules can be easily added to your normal daily vitamin or supplement routines and is by far the simplest method of consumption. The only thing is – the rise in manufacturing has made finding a legit, reputable source that much more difficult.

That’s why SuperPlug lets you simply plug into improved wellness with vetted, established brands you can trust. Our full collection of delta 8 THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN products are tested by the best in the industry with transparent, accessible results. So, don’t waste another minute scouring for the best delta 8 capsules available today – we’ve done the work for you! Browse SuperPlug’s premium selection of high-quality hemp products, and delta 8 gel capsules today.

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